Zoning Information & Application Forms

The Town of Glenmore Plan Commission meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, as needed.

To be eligible to be on the agenda for a Plan Commission meeting you must return all forms required to our Zoning Administrator before the 15th of the month prior to a scheduled meeting. 

The Zoning Administrator and Plan Commission Chair will review all necessary information provided by applicant. When they are satisfied that all aspects of a request have been provided, the issue will be placed on the agenda.

Please plan ahead.  It is only after a successful review that your request will be placed on a Plan Commission meeting agenda.

If you want to applly for any land use or zoning change within the Town of Glenmore, you must first meet with the Zoning Administrator to fill out a Land-Use Application.  Please contact Ben Schauer at at 920-864-2330 to set up an appointment.  This first meeting must be done in-person.  Thank you!

Land Use Application
Conditional Use Application
Driveway or Culvert Permit Application
Rezoning Application / Certified Survey Map Application

Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents

Zoning Intro

A - Title and Authority

B - Intent, Purpose and Authority

C - Definitions

D - General Provisions

E - Establishment of Zones

F - A-1 Agriculture

G - B-1 Community Business

H - I-1 General Industrial

I - M1 Multi Family

J - Planned Development District

K - R-1 Residential

L - R-R Rural Residential

M - Animal Waste Management

N - Artificial Lakes

O - Blasting

P - Land Division

Q - Driveway Permits

R - Earth Excavations

S - Manufactured Homes

T - Off Street Parking & Loading

U - Regulation of Signs

V - Telecommunications, Antennas & Towers

W - Wind Energy Facility

X - Administration & Enforcement

Y - Violations & Penalties