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Annual Town Meeting
Apr 18, 2017

April 18th, 2017                                                                                                                   X-Present   0-Absent

Annual Town Board Meeting

7:30 PM                Glenmore Community Center       

Loppnow   X                        Nowak   X                             Klika   X                               Kozlovsky   X     

DeMerritt   0                        Ossmann   X                        Guns   0                                

Attorney Gagan   0            Residents/Guests   8

Town of Glenmore

Annual Town Meeting       April 18, 2017       7:30 PM

Glenmore Community Center, 5718 Dickinson Road, De Pere, WI 54115

1.      Call to Order by Chair Loppnow.

2.      Pledge of Allegiance by all.

3.      Welcome to the Annual Town Meeting of the Electors of the Town of Glenmore  by Chair Loppnow.

4.      Verification of qualified Electors present at meeting by Chair Loppnow.

5.      Certify Wisconsin Open Meeting Law Certified by Clerk Ossmann.

6.      Approval of Order of Business Motion by Norb VanDeHei to approve the order of business, 2nd by Loren Jerabek.  M/C by unanimous voice vote.

7.      Read and approve Minutes from the 2016 Annual Town Meeting  Motion by Norb VanDeHei to accept the minutes as presented, 2nd by Loren Jarebek.  M/C by unanimous voice vote.    

8.      2016 Financial Report Motion by Jeanette Aschenbrenner to approve the 2016 Financial Report as presented, 2nd by Erica Thompson.  M/C by unanimous voice vote.

9.      Ambulance Report Presented by Chair Loppnow.

     County Rescue:

                  2016    $12,995.20

                  2017    $13,000.00

10.  Volunteer Fire Department Reports Presented by Chair Loppnnow.

        Morrison                     Denmark                     Ledgeview

     2016 Actual     $34,440.00                  $29,434.23                  $5,000.00

     2017 Budget    $34,440.00                  $29,445.19                  $5,000.00

11.  Public Works Reports Presented by Chair Loppnow.

                                   Solid Waste                    Recycling           Household Hazardous Waste

           2016 Actual     $28,000.00                  $12,660.00                  $1,000.00  

           2017 Budget    $35,000.00                  $13,020.00                  $1,050.00

12.  County Bridge Fund contribution  Motion by Norb VanDeHei to contribute $20,000 to the Brown County Bridge Fund, 2nd by Bob Aschenbrenner, M/C by unanimous voice vote. 

13.  Zoning Administrator Report  Resignation letter from Elaine Kittell read by Chair Loppnow.  The Town would like to thank her for her many years of service working on the Plan Commission and the again as the Zoning Administrator.  She will be missed.  For 2016 there were 15 requests, 19 Land Use Applications including 2 remodels, 5 outbuildings 1 grain bin, 5 electrical services, 1 silo, 1 house addition, 1 porch, 1 plumbing, 1 solar energy, and 1 fire damage.  Report read by Chair Loppnow.

14.  Building Inspector Report Read by Chair Loppnow. 

15.  Plan Commission Chair Report Presented by Ann Schaefer, read  by Chair Loppnow.  The Plan Commission reviewed six rezones and 8 Certified Survery Maps, Blasting and Excavating for the Quarries, multiple text amendments to the zoning ordinance,

16.  Other items as may be added by the Electors attending the meeting  Norb VanDeHei spoke in regards to the Brown County Plan Commission.  The numbers of acres being taken out of Ag in Brown County is ever increasing.  We are also gaining animal numbers, despite losing acreage.  CTY HWY G is terrible and wondering when there will be any work done on it.  Wayne Carter stated that there were going to be working on G this year.  Loren Jerabek questioned the Fire Signs.  Bob Aschenbrenner commented that there is a road sign in the ditch on Morrison and Shirley Road. 

17.  Schedule dates for:

     2017 Budget Hearing (November 2017)  Motion by Lorren Jerabek to hold the budget hearing on November 7th at 7:30, 2nd by Norb VanDeHei.  M/C by unanimous voice vote.

     2018 Annual Town Meeting (Third Tuesday is 4-17-2018.)  Motion by Erica Thompson, 2nd by Jeanette to hold the Annual Town Meeting on 4/17/18 at 7:30 PM.  M/C by unanimous voice vote.

18.   Adjourn Motion by Bob Aschenbrenner, 2nd by Lorraine Jerrabek.  8:09 PM



            Any person wishing to attend who, because of disability, requires special accommodations should contact the Town Clerk (920-864-3420) at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting so arrangements can be made.

Members of other Town committees, who are not members of the body whose meeting agenda is above noticed, are entitled, as any other citizen of the Town of Glenmore, to attend this meeting in an unofficial capacity.  It is possible the attendance of one or more non-members may create a quorum of the membership of another body.  Such a quorum is unintended and the non-members are not meeting for the purpose of exercising the powers or duties attendant upon their membership on any Town committee or board.

I hereby certify that the above minutes (thus far unapproved) are those of the Town of Glenmore, Annual Town Meeting.


Cindy Ossmann, Clerk

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