Residents currently haul their own recyclables to the Glenmore/Morrison recycling center located at 4104 Lark Road.

WED 5-8 PM
SAT  8-Noon

  • New residents are encouraged to pick up recycling bins at the center.
  • Recycling bins no longer being used by Glenmore residents may be dropped at the center to be distributed to others.
  • Any items containing freon (refrig, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc) will be assessed a $20.00 disposal fee as you drop your item off.
Bins for E-CYCLE available during all hours the recycling center is open.
  • No-Fee: Computer towers, laptops, printers, keyboards, mice, servers, fax machines, wire and cabling, telephone systems, modems, stereo systems, video equipment, cell phones, copiers (liquid purged) and microwaves.
  • Fee: $10 to recycle 29" and less   $20 to recycle 30" and larger on all monitors and TV's.

2018 Northeast Wisconsin Recycle Guide

Solid Waste

Residents currently haul their own solid waste to the Glenmore/ Morrison recycling center located at 4104 Lark Road.

WED 5-8 PM
SAT 8-Noon

  • Please be careful to package garbage separate from recyclables.
  • Garbage containers can be emptied in the walk-in solid waste trailers.
  • Bagged items also accepted.
  • No hazardous waste.
  • Please tarp all loads to avoid debris in ditches.
Town of Glenmore Recycling Pamphlet

Household Hazardous Waste

The Town of Glenmore is a supporter of the joint HHW facility located at 2561 South Broadway, Green Bay.
This is also an EXCHANGE project. Shelves are lined with a variety of items no longer needed by others and waiting for you. No charge!!

SATURDAYS 8:00AM to 2:00PM

Household Hazardous Waste Management Information