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November Election Night Results
0 Provisional Votes Outstanding
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2/4/19 Zoning Public Hearing

1/10/19 Town Board Meeting

1/8/19 Plan Commission Meeting

1/7/19 Zoning Public Hearing--Revised
1/7/19 Town Board Meeting

12/20/18 Zoning Public Hearing
12/20/18 Special Town Board Meeting

12/11/18 Plan Commission Meeting

12/3/18 Town Board Meeting
12/3/18 Zoning Public Hearing, 7:30 PM

12/3/2018 Public Hearing--Zion Road, Immediatinly following the Zoning/Municipal Code Public Hearing @ 7:30 PM

F--A-1 Agriculture Ordinance 11/5/2018 Revised Ordinance

S-Manufactured Parks Revised Ordinance 9/10/2018

2018 Transportation Resolution

Solid Waste and Recycling Pick-Up Starts August 6th, 2018
Place your cart curbside before 5am the day of collection, with the cart’s handle facing your house and the lid opening toward the street.
Make sure there is at least four feet between the recycling and trash carts, and any other objects, such as a parked car or mailbox. Note, if your carts were set out late, you must wait until your next scheduled pick-up.